000: Introduction

000: Introduction

000: Introduction

[00:00:00] Ollie: Hi, my name is Ollie Palmer and this is my new podcast called Hold the Space. It's about people who have a creative practice, but who also teach. Each episode features a conversation with someone whose work and teaching I find inspiring. I'll be talking to artists, designers, musicians, architects, experience designers, futurists, and more. People at different stages of teaching and creative careers with different backgrounds in different countries. How did they come to be the practitioner and the teacher they are today?

[00:00:39] Ollie: I'll ask them _what_ they do, _why_ they do it, and _how_ they do it.

[00:00:43] Ollie: My first few guests include...

[00:00:45] Barbara: Hi, my name is Barbara Neves Alves.

[00:00:52] Nelly: I'm Nelly Ben Hayoun.

[00:00:53] Amy: My name's Amy Butt,

[00:00:54] Cesar: My name is Cesar Jung Harada

[00:00:55] Jessica Charlesworth: I'm Jess Charlesworth

[00:00:57] Tim Parsons: and I'm Tim Parsons.

[00:00:59] Nelly: I design experiences.

[00:01:01] Barbara: I'm a designer, researcher and tutor.

[00:01:03] Amy: I'm a practicing architect and a lecturer in architecture

[00:01:06] Cesar: I'm a French Japanese designer, environmentalist, educator, entrepreneur.

[00:01:12] Nelly: I make people lift off from their living room while dark energy is being, created in their kitchen sink

[00:01:17] Tim Parsons: I'm associate professor

[00:01:19] Jessica Charlesworth: I'm a part-time lecturer

[00:01:21] Barbara: My background's in communication design

[00:01:23] Amy: My research looks into the way fictional worlds we construct, influence and reflect the world we inhabit.

[00:01:29] Tim Parsons: Our work uses object, design, sculpture, narrative writing , photography and digital media

[00:01:36] Barbara: My research interest has been very much around communication, different types of encounters that can occur in public space.

[00:01:44] Nelly: So, you know, this is the kind of the world that I live in really like trying to bring in the sublime that exists in science into our everyday. But that's one part of the iceberg, .

[00:01:55] Ollie: This first season has some great guests, and I'm really excited about sharing the conversations with you. So, if you're someone who has a creative practice, who studies a creative subject or who teaches one, please join me. Subscribe to 'Hold the Space' now.

[00:02:11] Ollie: This podcast is made possible by the Situated Art and Design Research Group at Caradt, the Centre for Applied Research in Art, Design and Technology. Each episode is recorded, edited, and mixed by me, Ollie Palmer.

[00:02:23] Ollie: For more information, including full transcripts for each episode, links to relevant work or resources. Please visit the podcast website at www.holdthespace.art, or click the link in the podcast notes. Thanks for listening.

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Ollie Palmer
Ollie Palmer
Artist, film maker. Researcher, Situated Art and Design Group, Caradt (Centre for Applied Research in Art, Design, and Technology). Tutor, Situated Design MA, Master Institute of Visual Cultures, St Joost School of Art and Design.